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Turning Tragedy into Triumph

What began as a sense of loss, anger, and frustration turned into a lifelong mission for me. As the founder of the Healthy Heritage Movement, I am undertook a huge project – driving a paradigm shift in the African American community to focus on living healthier, happier lives.

It was a life-altering event in my life that drove me to create the Healthy Heritage Movement. Tragically, my mother died after a short battle with colon cancer in her early forties. I was in my early twenties, just starting my young adult life. I was newly married and was a mother of a young son when my mother passed away, and the loss hit it me very hard.

I was devastated. There was such a short period of time between the diagnosis and her death, I often ask myself, “I wondered, if she had gone to the doctor sooner, could she have been saved?” The disease made my family and I feel helpless.

It was at that moment that I found my mission – a mission to educate and empower the African-American community to evolve by transforming the oral tradition to make lifestyle changes focused on healthier living. Shortly thereafter, The Healthy Heritage Movement was born.

Everyone experiences a moment they can define as a “WAKE UP CALL.” Losing my mother and coming to terms with understanding my role was my defining moment.

Let my story be your “WAKE UP CALL”. You can do something to improve your family’s health. You can take a PROACTIVE role in the outcome of your family health. Transform your family’s oral tradition by introducing healthier ways to eat, think, speak and live life.

Help me saves lives by making the commitment to create a Healthier Heritage for our community…starting with you.

God’s Strength in Grace,
Phyllis Clark

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